Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Film Issue #6: Grab-bag!

Game 6
DeLillo enthusiasts and Red Sox fans hail new favorite movie.

In the Mood for Love
Consensus is that this beats 2046. But is consensus wrong?

Men appear on the balcony, men appear all around her.

"I don't get it" "You're not supposed to get it."

Marnie (II)
"I typed it myself, and I'm a very creative typist."

Marnie (III)
"This building is grounded, Mrs. Taylor. You're quite safe here."

Marnie (IV)
The color red, three taps, lightning storms: Be very afraid.

Marnie (V)
Find what the sailor has hidden: Ship looms beyond street.

V for Vendetta
They only had one chance to do the shaving scene.

Wheel of Time
Imagine a pilgrimage of thousands of miles, covered by bellyflop.


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A year ago, shearing fetishists started salivating online re: Portman....

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