Sunday, November 12, 2006

A la Joe Brainard

I remember high school in Illinois in the mid 80s.

I remember throwing a dead woodchuck into a vacant locker.

I remember, just before a wreck: "We're gonna biff it."

I remember the kid who showed up with a rifle.

I remember smoking pot out of Coke cans. And LSD.

I remember going to see Big Black on prom night.

I was proud of that. Now I rarely mention it.

I remember the journalism teacher who moonlighted as an exterminator.

I remember the kid who stabbed another kid to death.

It was so long ago that it's not even on Google.


Blogger Bryan A. Hunt said...

I remember meeting simon sue in colorado springs he was my friend. Convicted of 4 homicides. The charge "mind control" So I say obama should be charged with the murders of every man woman and child he has used his power of mind control over to start this war. Wehter he started it or bush? These men don't exist. I have no proof of their existance. THey are merely pupets. And who pray tell is the puppet master.

8:15 AM  

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