Sunday, March 02, 2008

Things I'd never thought to rank.

An overheard review from a man sitting with a loud dinner party at a table near ours last night at Chicago's splendid sushi restaurant Tanoshi:
Coor's Light is the best thirty-pack you can buy.
Noise and distractions prevented me from hearing his thoughts on 24-, 12-, and 6-packs.

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Blogger Bryan A. Hunt said...

WE hear what we want to hear, just like we see what we want to see.

HEre is a secret for you, from one recovering from amnesia, or as I like to call it my soul leaving my body....

The beer didn't make you forget, you didn't care to remember. I remember every drunk moment of my life. It is a blessing and a curse.

Oh well.

5:05 AM  

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